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The story and analysis of the Calling Blighty series of films made by the Combined Kinematograph Service in Burma and India between 1943 and 1946. These are remarkable and moving documents, a one-way Skype of their day, where men – and a very few women – sent spoken messages home to be shown to families and sweethearts in local cinemas. 42 illus.

The history and significance of rare filmed messages home from Burma in WW2

Sex up North in the undervalued 1960s

film The Family Way

How the myth of dystopian Manchester has been reflected in film and literature. The Smiths to Hell is a City

How can film depict the city and uncover its resonance in the unconscious. Where is the Southampton of the imagination? 

High definition and desire; Anderson's little match girl and the HD television image

The significance and resonance of the Calling Blighty films, over 75 years after they were made in the jungles of Burma.

The first BBC play broadcast in 1929, and the first shown on a big screen, by Luigi Pirandello

He made the first ever film of an art school, and was a pioneer in film despite working all his life in Bolton

A history of motion capture and an art/science collaboration making an innovative film.

An early exploration of the use of effects in video art, from Undercut magazine.

I fell asleep somewhere near Porlock and had this terrible dream about the Research Excellence Framework

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