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Amen ICA Cinema

A beautiful palindromic number plate on Eyre Street, Sheffield (was the Audi driver aware of it?) reminded me of a palindromic poem I wrote.

I saw so many dynamos,

Hannah, Bob, level Bob,

Mum’ Dad, Lil, Nan, Sis,

Leon n’ Noel, Gregor n’ Roger G.

One Eno, Abba, Norah’s mum Sharon,

Lem n’ Mel, Flora, Tina, Eve,

Otto, Oprah n’ Harpo, Asa, Idi,

Nora an’ Aaron, Dr. Awkward.

And Edna, and dna, and dna

And dna. Laid? O I dare not

So many daffodils to oscillate.

Metal erupts as a vast pure dogma

In my heros.

Llama I nominate Naomi.

Ah, Satan was lime and lager.

Seven a.m., rat’s dog.

As time loops a-fired now,

War n’ guns are macabre.

Satsuma, spam, wonton, bacon tub

Tuna megatarts, a salami salad,

Raw desserts, Evian, a decaf,

One cigar – “toss it!” I rail-

Won’t lovers revolt now?

Revolve Kev Loser, revolve,

Rev lover – he did eh?

No Lyn, not on nylon strap.

Redder mask, cuff fits animals,

Knob el beef.

No mists erase cares a lot,

Sh – Tom! Set a gap

Or prevention. My, nor can

A liver of lives, drawn onward.

Viva! Let mad Zeus reign at Tulsa,

No minor ego, no witness,

A solo gig.

Puff up, pull up, put up.

I roamed under it did I?

Did I as…a Toyota?

Nine men in a Toyota

Deliver a fire volcano.

Now E.R.A.s race Rome to Vienna,

Racecar, race fast safe car.

No it can as it is; it is a war.

A Tsar, a CIA major general.

Ceded a new order – Walford.

Warsaw, Vienna.

Des, rat-arsed, art rat’s dog,

Faced no devil sinned.

I’m Herod, agnostic at a motel.

Beef a Santa, to hoot Ho Ho Ho!

Traitor’s praline – no stop,

Not Milk Tray, tied Depardieu’s dog.

On one dragon, one dragon,

Bats, gnus, star comedy pools,

No “X” in revel so grab me, don’t nod,

Spool emits as time loops,

Don’t nod – embargos level

Nixon’s loopy democrats.

(Sung) “Stab no garden O, no garden O”,

No God Sue, I draped deity art.

Klimt on pots – “0ne- nil”

Arp’s “Roti-art”.

Sad? I’m “Oh, oh, oh, too hot at NASA”.

Feeble Tom, a tacit song,

A doh re mi.

Dennis lived on decaf.

God star trades rat arsed,

Anne IV was raw - Dr. of Law,

Red Rowena de – declare negro

Jamaica, Rasta, raw as it is.

It is an action.

Race fast, safe car, racecar.

Anne I vote more cars are won,

On a clover if reviled.

A Toyota, nine men in a Toyota,

Said I’d do. Good! I did.

Tired nude Maori put up, pull up,

“Puff up” gigolos assent.

I won Geronimo a slut.

Tangier, Suez Dam, Tel Aviv,

Drawn onwards evil for evil,

An acronym, no it never

Propagates moths

To laser aces are St. Simon.

Feeble bonk –

Slam in a stiff fuck Sam.

Redder parts.

No Lyn, not on nylon.

He did, eh, revolve,

Rev lover, resolve Kev loser,

Won’t lovers revolt now?

Liar, it is so tragic.

Eno faced a naïve, stressed ward.

Alas, I’m alas a stratagem, a nut,

But no cab, not now, maps a must.

A Serb, a camera, snug n’ raw.

Wonder if a spool emits,

A God Star man, Emil’s regal d.n.a,

Emil saw Natasha, I moan,

E.T. animal I am all sore!

Hymn I am, God erupts a vast pure

Late metallic soot slid off a

Dynamo’s tone radio dial,

And dna, and dna

And dna, and Edna,

Dr. Awkward, Nora an’ Aaron.

Idi, Asa, Oprah n’ Harpo,

Otto, Eve, Anita,

Rolf, Lem n’ Mel,

Nora’s mum Sharon,

Abba, one Eno,

Gregor n Roger G.

Leon n’ Noel, Sis, Nan, Lil.

Dad n’ Mum, Bob,

Level Bob, Hannah.

So many dynamos.

Was I?

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