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Blood harmony

I am interviewed live on YouTube in connection with a film in production, for which I have willingly agreed to be a patron. After my interview is to be a musician, who will play and sing. When I get the poster I am surprised. Is it just me or does it look like Steve Hawley and Sarah Jay Hawley are a double act; he does the films and she does the music ?

In fact we don't know each other; or so I thought. Then I remembered Sarah as an art student at Psalter Lane, the site of Sheffield Art School for some decades, before she became well-known musically, singing for Massive Attack. In the end she was unfortunately unwell and someone else did the music, but I did wonder what the etiquette is. Would I have pointed out the fact (no relation...) or does that look even odder?

When I shamelessly Google myself there are two other (more) notable Steve Hawleys. One is an astronaut, the other also an artist, a painter who does faintly erotic figurative work with female models '…considered to be one of the most prominent and highly esteemed artists in the United States today'. I recall getting an email once from someone who wanted me to paint a Catholic portrait, possibly mixing me up with the highly esteemed other one. I considered saying yes, but having only done one painting in four years of Art School and nothing since, disappointment would have been inevitable. Possibly on the scale of Tony Hancock in the 1960 film The Rebel, when he unveils his magnum opus sculpture, the legendary Aphrodite at the Watering Hole.

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